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News!! Browser To WP7 1.4 now provides File Hub function.

with File Hub, you can access your computer files with Wi-Fi, and direct open pdf,mp3 and office file from your windows phone with IE.
File Hub is simple file explorer embed in Browser To WP7, when you install File Hub Server at your computer, the server will listen on address,
then you can use Browser To WP7 connect to File Hub Server, after connected, you can navigate the folders in your computer with Wi-Fi.
you also can use IE,Chrome,FireFox to navigate folders in your computer, and sending link to Browser To WP7.
Download File Hub Server (.NET Framework 3.5 Required)
see how to use.

News!! Browser To WP7 1.3 and Free Browser To WP7 1.2 now support sending image from IE,Chrome

for upgrade from Browser To WP7 1.2/Free Borwser To WP7 1.1 Users

if you are use IE,please enter your ID and click Get Accelerator, you can download client program in the page.

if you are use Chrome,please uninstall the previous extension, and clean browser cache, then re-install the extension from this page.

for new users.

How To Use Browser To WP7

News!! Browser To WP7 Now Support Firefox With Bookmarklet!!!

now you can use FireFox send link/selection text/custom text  to your Windows Phone, just use FireFox navigate to this page and drag [Get Bookmarklet] link to your browser toolbar.
how to use :

News!! Browser To WP7 1.1/Free Browser To WP7 1.2 now support map navigate!!

you can send address from browser to your windows phone,
then you can use Browser To WP7 navigate from current location(GPS) to selected address with google map or bing map.
how to use :

News!! Browser To WP7 Friend Connect Beta Starting!!!

now , you can connect your friends on Facebook, Browser To WP7 Friend Connect can let your friend send message to you, just go to Browser To WP7 Friend Connect ,
 click the picutre link(first use) to allow permission, then set your Browser To WP7 ID and choose who can send message to you, after setup completed,
your friends can send message to you from
Browser To WP7 Friend Connect


step by step to setup.
Step 1:  enter your id (display in Browser To WP7(Windows Phone 7 Application)).
Step 1
Step 2:  install accelerator
Step 2
Step 3:  send link
Step 3

send selection and custom text is support.

use Chrome

Step 1:  download extension
Step 1
Step 2:  install extension
Step 2
Step 3:  enter your id (get from windows phone 7 application)
Step 3
Step 3
Step 4:  send link
Step 4

send selection/custom text is support.

use FireFox

Step 1:  view this page with firefox and enter you id
 Step 2
Step 2:  click get bookmarklet button
Step 2
Step 3:  use mouse move to Browser To WP7 link and hold right button then drag to your browser toolbars
Step 3
Step 4:  click the Browser to WP7 button in firefox toolbar to send page link, select some text then click the Browser to WP7 button to send selection text,
               select some text on hyperlink and click Browser to WP7 button to send hyperlink.
               if you want send custom text, just add new tab with firefox(the url default is about:blank), then click Browser To WP7,it will open a new window let you send custom text.